The information for ‘mitochondrial Eve’ are constant with a typical origin of all of the people thousands of years back.


Extremely restricted variation in the DNA series in the human Y-chromosome throughout the world is in line with a recently available beginning of mankind, thousands perhaps maybe maybe not scores of years.

  • Numerous fossil bones ‘dated’ at many an incredible number of yrs old are barely mineralized, if at all. This contradicts the commonly believed age that is old of planet. See, as an example, Dinosaur bones so how old will they be really? Pipes of marine worms, ‘dated’ at 550 million years of age, which can be soft and flexible and evidently consists of the original organic substances keep the record (original paper).
  • Dinosaur bloodstream cells, blood vessels, proteins (hemoglobin, osteocalcin, collagen, histones) and DNA are not in line with their supposed a lot more than 65-million-year age, but make more sense in the event that stays are many thousands of years of age (for the most part).
  • Insufficient 50:50 racemization of amino ac Photo by Don Batten revolutionary folding at Eastern Beach, near Auckland in brand brand New Zealand, shows that the sediments had been soft and flexible whenever folded, inconsistent by having a number of years for their development. Such folding is seen world-wide and it is in line with an age that is young of earth.
  • Scarcity of plant fossils in several formations containing abundant animal / herbivore fossils. E.g., the Morrison Formation (Jurassic) in Montana. See Origins21(1): 51–56, 1994. Additionally the Coconino sandstone within the Grand Canyon has track-ways that are manyanimals), it is very nearly devoid of flowers. Implication: these stones aren’t ecosystems of an ‘era’ hidden in situ over eons of time as evolutionists claim. Evidence is more in line with catastrophic transportation then burial through the massive worldwide flooding of Noah’s day. This eliminates expected proof for an incredible number of years.
  • Dense, tightly bent strata without sign of melting or fracturing. E.g. The Kaibab upwarp in Grand Canyon suggests quick folding before the sediments had time for you to solidify (the sand grains are not elongated under stress because will be anticipated in the event that rock had hardened). This wipes out a huge selection of scores of many years of some time is in keeping with acutely formation that is rapid the biblical Flood. See Warped planet (compiled by a geophysicist).
  • Polystrate fossils—tree trunks in coal (Araucaria spp. King billy pines, celery top pines, in southern hemisphere coal). Additionally there are polystrate tree trunks within the Yellowstone fossilized woodlands and Joggins, Nova Scotia plus in a great many other places. Polystrate fossilized lycopod trunks occur in northern hemisphere coal, once again showing quick burial / development associated with natural product that became coal.
  • Experiments reveal that with conditions mimicking normal forces, coal kinds quickly; in months for brown coal to months for black colored coal. It doesn’t need scores of years. Additionally, very long time durations might be an impediment to coal development due to the increased odds of the permineralization associated with the timber, which may hinder coalification.
  • Experiments reveal that with conditions mimicking forces that are natural oil kinds quickly; it generally does not require an incredible number of years, in keeping with a chronilogical age of a huge number of years.
  • Experiments reveal that with conditions mimicking natural forces, opals form quickly, in just a few weeks, maybe perhaps not an incredible number of years, since have been reported.

  • Proof for fast, catastrophic formation of coal beds talks resistant to the billions of years typically reported with this, including Z-shaped seams that time to an individual event that is depositional these layers.
  • Proof for fast petrifaction of lumber talks from the significance of a long time and it is in line with a chronilogical age of several thousand years.
  • Clastic dykes and pipelines (intrusion of sediment through overlying rock that is sedimentary show that the overlying stone strata remained soft if they formed. This drastically compresses the full time scale for the deposition for the penetrated stone strata. See, Walker, T., Fluidisation pipelines: proof of large-scale watery disaster, J. Creation (TJ)14(3): 8–9, 2000.
  • Para(pseudo)conformities—where one rock stratum sits together with another stone stratum however with supposedly an incredible number of many years of geological time lacking, yet the contact air air plane does not have any significant erosion; that is, it really is a gap’ that is‘flat. E.g. Coconino sandstone / Hermit shale into the Grand Canyon (supposedly a 10 million year space with time). The Schnebly that is thick Hill (sandstone) lies involving the Coconino and Hermit in main Arizona. See Austin, S.A., Grand Canyon, monument to disaster, ICR, Santee, CA, United States Of America, 1994 and Snelling, A., the outcome of the ‘missing’ geologic time, Creation14(3): 31–35, 1992.
  • The current presence of ephemeral markings (raindrop markings, ripple markings, animal tracks) during the boundaries of paraconformities reveal that the rock that is upper happens to be deposited soon after the lower one, eliminating numerous an incredible number of several years of ‘gap’ time. See references in Para(pseudo)conformities.
  • Inter-tonguing of adjacent strata which are supposedly divided by an incredible number of years additionally eliminates numerous scores of several years of expected geologic time. The situation of the’ that is‘missing time; Mississippian and Cambrian strata interbedding: 200 million years hiatus under consideration, CRSQ23(4): 160–167.
  • Having less bioturbation (worm holes, root development) at paraconformities (flat gaps) reinforces the possible lack of time included where evolutionary geologists insert many scores of years to make the rocks to conform utilizing the ‘given’ timescale of billions of years.
  • The very nearly complete not enough plainly recognizable soil levels any place in the geologic line. Geologists do claim to own discovered lots of ‘fossil’ soils (paleosols), however these can be dissimilar to soils today, lacking the features that characterize soil perspectives; features which can be utilized in classifying soils that are different. Every one which happens to be examined completely demonstrates to lack the traits of appropriate soil. If ‘deep time’ had been correct, with vast sums of years of numerous life in the planet, there must have been opportunities that are ample times over for soil development. See Klevberg, P. And Bandy, R., CRSQ39:252–68; CRSQ40:99–116, 2003; Walker, T., Paleosols: searching much much deeper buries ‘challenge’ to Flood geology, J. Creation17(3): 28–34, 2003.
  • Restricted degree of unconformities (unconformity: an area of erosion that separates younger strata from older stones). Areas erode quickly ( e.g. Badlands, South Dakota), but you will find extremely unconformities that are limited. There is the ‘great unconformity’ during the foot of the Grand Canyon, but otherwise you can find supposedly

    300 million several years of strata deposited over the top without the significant unconformity. This really is once more in line with a much reduced period of deposition of those strata. See Para(pseudo)conformities. The Arches nationwide Park (United States Of America) has over 2,000 stone arches. If 43 have actually collapsed since 1970 while the article that is linked printed in 2015, that is 45 years, providing an interest rate of collapse of

    1 per which means that all would be gone in year