Lewis Hamilton’s ex reveals the F1 star’s ‘ugly side’ and hunger for threesomes


Glamour model Veronica Valle, 26, told of their cruel jibes about her fat and exactly how their behavior expanded increasingly strange, with rants tearing into ex-lover Nicole Scherzinger

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  • Natalie Edwards
  • 13 Jan 2018, 22:51
  • Updated: 9 Feb 2018, 17:56

A girlfriend that is FORMER of globe champion Lewis Hamilton claims he had been enthusiastic about threesomes — and had been driven potty by people utilizing their loo.

Glamour model Veronica Valle, 26, stated the Brit sportsman’s behavior grew increasingly strange, with unexpected mood swings over apparently incidents that are trivial.

Speaking solely into the Sun on Sunday, Veronica said the motor rushing ace was a charmer having a side” that is“ugly.

She continued: “Lewis is this kind of character that is strange.

“He’s Jekyll and Hyde. He is able to switch emotions quickly and often that could occur simply because someone utilized not the right bathroom. ”

Lewis, now 33, first spotted Veronica on Instagram in August 2015 and delivered her a private message. He quickly travelled her out to Barbados from her house in Houston, Texas.

Veronica claims Lewis, who was simply regarding the Caribbean area having a sequence of other ladies, was initially really “sweet” towards her.

But she ended up being quickly to learn just just just how quickly he destroyed his temper – after he whisked her away on his jet that is private a months later on.

She said: “We were regarding the option to ny and Lewis went crazy after he discovered that the pilot had pooped into the lavatory.

“He would definitely fire the pilot! He stated, ‘Everybody knows that they need ton’t just take a s*** back at my plane’. He had been actually mad. ”


LEWIS regularly badmouthed X that is former Factor Nicole Scherzinger after splitting together with her previous in 2015, Veronica states.

She added: “He explained the explanation they separate had been because she wished to get hitched. He ended up beingn’t prepared.

“I think she thought he had been likely to propose. He didn’t and she got angry. ”

She additionally stated music fan Lewis was scathing about her cap cap ability once they had been in an innovative new York studio.

Veronica recalled: “He said he is available in and writes their own music – but she just had somebody hand her a bit of paper and state, ‘Sing this’. He stated, ‘She used to here come in and criticise me’. He called her all the names beneath the sunlight. ”

Veronica herself then dropped foul of Lewis’ strange toilet rules — and ended up being confronted by him as she emerged through the loo at one of his true properties into the Southern of France.

She recalled: “A couple of months later on, at their household in Monaco, we finished up being forced to utilize the lavatory which was next to the home doing a number 2.

“He saw me turn out and said, ‘Why did you are taking so long? ’

“I told him we had been pooping. You might inform he had been therefore upset.

“It felt like he had been likely to yell at me personally, however in the finish he simply stated, ‘You understand you weren’t designed to utilize that! ’

“He stated i ought to used the only within the guestroom. It had been totally strange. ”

Mum-of-one Veronica claimed that also ice that is eating the wrong method could tip the planet champ within the edge.

She stated: “One i went to dig into some ice cream and he yelled at me day.

“He grabbed the spoon and stated, ‘You are meant to get it done like this’ – and he scraped just a little layer from the top. ”

Veronica said: “i did son’t have my case for four times, but he didn’t also ask me personally if we required any such thing or offer to buy me personally garments.

“i did son’t have even a brush or a set that is spare of. I’d to put on the clothes that are same four times directly!

“After for myself. That individuals needed to visit London and I also went and bought some garments”

In nyc, Veronica claims that United States actress and model Karrueche Tran — singer Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend — caught their attention. The set had formerly been romantically connected after being spotted partying together in London – despite Lewis being near to Brown’s ex Rihanna.

Veronica told The Sun on “We ended up going to a party in New York sunday. We head to this club and Karrueche Tran had been here. She approached me personally and explained I became pretty.

“I became upset during the celebration because Lewis had kept me to the medial side.


VERONICA claims Lewis made cruel jibes about her fat whenever she decided to go to see him for the time that is last Barbados.

She revealed: “He would call me personally fat right in front of most their friends. At you, you are so fat! If I was the first one to get food he would say, ‘Look’ He would let me know i might consume excessively – right myself food before I went to serve. Would you that to a female?

“People began laughing I felt bad at me and. One time he had been with a few girls into the space and also as soon in he started making fun of me as I came. He stated, ‘Wow, you might be therefore bright you appear such as for instance a damn oompa Loompa’. Through the entire trip that is whole ended up being therefore unsightly for me. ”

“Somebody later on stated one thing about having a threesome with Karrueche Tran. We stated no – I would personallyn’t do this. ”

On another visit to Barbados, the Formula One ace joked about Veronica joining him for the tryst with another woman.

She stated: “I happened to be therefore embarrassed – absolutely absolutely nothing took place. But i do believe he had been simply joking about threesomes. So far as I’m aware he never ever really had any. ”

She stated he’d often call her names — but also confided to Veronica: ‘I wanted to marry her – simply not yet’. ”

Romance between Veronica and Lewis slowly fizzled away after 3 months in 2015 – but she proceeded to see him in Barbados each August.

Swimwear designer Veronica noticed just how Lewis’ behaviour changed throughout their meetings that are later particularly when he previously a glass or two.

Final August she saw him in Barbados for the time that is final. She stated: “I became at a celebration with him and I also arrived to inquire of him if he had been okay https://camsloveaholics.com/female/bigirl/ – but he simply swore at me personally.

“He told me to ‘get the f*** away from there’ and that it had been ‘none of my f***ing business’.

“I don’t understand just why I happened to be invited in that trip to obtain addressed that way. Their friend stated when Lewis drinks, he loses their mind. He does not work the exact same.

“After just one single beverage he changes and becomes therefore rude. ”

But, she stated she just saw him as he wasn’t rushing, incorporating: “He constantly seemed extremely centered on their job. ”

The F1 ace had published a video clip by which he said: “Boys don’t use princess dresses. ” Veronica stated the footage would not shock her, and she added: “Seeing that movie of him along with his nephew brought it back again to me personally just just just how mean he could possibly be.