It must be turned in at a T-Mobile store if you decide not to pay off and keep the phone


End of Lease turn-in

Then you can choose to begin a lease that is brand new a new phone or talk to we about other update choices, such as for example EIP. It must be in good working condition when you return a leased phone. Ensure that the device:

  • Doesn’t have cracks or any other problems for the display screen.
  • Will not be harmed by experience of fluid.
  • Can energy on.
  • Will not be materially changed, this includes both the initial equipment & software.
  • Doesn’t have activated features that are anti-theft such as Find our iPhone.

To finish your JOD rent ahead of the lease that is 18-month expires, you can find a few alternatives:

  • Turn into the phone at a location that is retail good performing condition and spend the entire quantity of the remaining month-to-month rent installments or
  • Spend the residual lease that is monthly in addition to the full buy Option Price (POP) as previously mentioned on the lease contract and keep carefully the phone.

Set a Purchase Option Installment up Arrange (POIP) online at the conclusion of your lease

A POIP is an optional no-interest, nine-month installment want to spend down a computer device that’s not turned in after your rent is finished.

  1. Get on My T-Mobile.
  2. Under JUMP! On need lease click View rent details.
  3. Simply Click Get Installment Arrange.
  4. Review the re re payment information. A repayment is born for the fees today after which you will have nine payments that are monthly.
  5. Enter payment details, then click Agree & carry on.
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  7. Finish the process that is e-signature.
  8. When the deal is complete, a verification message shows.

Sign your agreement

  1. Open the e-mail sent from t-mobile-sign-your-eip email.
  2. Click on the website website link.
  3. At the top of this display review the consent to records that are electronic the container and then click maintain.
  4. See the disclosure contract for the lease (JOD) or purchase (EIP and POIP) that outlines:
    • T-Mobile’s privacy agreement that is financial
    • The finance contract
  5. After reviewing the contract, click Continue and review the conditions and terms
  6. Clink the Sign key in the bottom associated with the contract by Buyer’s Signature.
  7. The populated signature in the Adopt Your Signature pop-up you can choose to Draw your signature or use.
  8. The magenta Submit Order button on the top of the screen, click.
  9. A display screen will pop-up where you could develop a Docusign account. This might be optional.
    • About this pop-up when you look at the top right it is possible to click on the arrow to save lots of a PDF of one’s finalized agreement.
    • A duplicate of one’s contract may be in your My account that is t-Mobile in hours.
  10. Click Publish or No Many Many Thanks.

Prepared to purchase?

  • If you should be not used to T-Mobile, follow this link to become listed on us!
  • Currently with us? Why don’t we allow you to get logged in in order to begin shopping.

Purchase on its means?

  • If you are a new comer to T-Mobile, be sure you have actually the under information to check always your purchase status here.
    • Order number
    • Billing Zip Code
    • Last title
  • Currently with us? Check out your purchase Status page in your My T-Mobile account.

Nevertheless require assistance?

You can visit us at some of our shop areas, give us a call at 1-800-937-8997, or check always out of the video below to learn more about how exactly to upgrade online. Remember improvements made through Care or Retail will undoubtedly be charged $20 for help into the upgrade process, so upgrade online? whenever feasible!