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[Usenet] Variant spelling of hack, used just for the noun kind and connoting an eleganthack. that is a hack in sense 2. [Fairchild] A notably slick little piece of code that does one thing well; a small, self-contained hack. The image is of a hamster fortunately spinning its exercise wheel. A tailless mouse; that is, one with an infrared link to a receiver on the machine, versus the conventional cable.

A programmer who’s characterized by massive and considerably brute-pressure applications. When modified by one other noun, describes a specialist in some specific computing space. The compounds `compiler jock’ and `methods jock’ appear %keywords% to be the best-established examples. Microsoft’s determined makes an attempt to corrupt the language (which it rightly sees as a threat to its OS monopoly) have not helped. As of 1999, these points are still within the strategy of being resolved.

Compare newsfroup, filk. A hexadecimal digit (0-9, and A-F or a-f). Used by people who claim that there are solely tendigits, dammit; sixteen-fingered human beings are somewhat rare, regardless of what some keyboard designs might seem to indicate (see space-cadet keyboard). The sign emitted by a Level 2 Ethernet transceiver at the end of every packet to show that the collision-detection circuit is still related.

May cause you to `change phase the hard way’ (see phase). See additionally filk, retrocomputing, and the Portrait of J. Random Hacker in Appendix B. If you could have an itchy feeling that all six of these traits are actually aspects of 1 thing that’s extremely troublesome to talk about exactly, you’re (a) appropriate and (b) responding like a hacker.

Computer Programmer

A periodic synchronization sign utilized by software or hardware, corresponding to a bus clock or a periodic interrupt. The `pure’ oscillation frequency of a pc’s clock crystal, earlier than frequency division all the way down to the machine’s clock price. A signal emitted at common intervals by software program to reveal that it is still alive.

The drawback was corrected, and users had been then assured that every little thing was OK because the system had been rehosed. vt. [common] To make non-functional or tremendously degraded in efficiency teco zap cap reviews. “That big ray-tracing program really hoses the system.” See hosed. A slender channel through which information flows underneath strain.

  • In software program, describes values of a operate which aren’t in its `pure’ range of return values, however are somewhat alerts that some kind of exception has occurred.
  • This sense of ping might seem as an exclamation; “Ping!” (I’m joyful; I am emitting a quantum of happiness; I have been struck by a quantum of happiness).
  • [from telecommunications and community principle] 1.
  • A quantum packet of happiness.
  • The form “pingfulness”, which is used to explain people who exude pings, also happens.

Contrast with bang path; see also the community and community handle. All Internet machines and most UUCP websites can now resolve these addresses, thanks to a large amount of behind-the-scenes magic and PD software program written since 1980 or so. See also bang path, domainist. More loosely, any network handle reachable by way of Internet; this includes bang path addresses and some inner corporate and authorities networks. That year, 1994, was also the 12 months the mainstream tradition found the Internet.

Universal Remote Programming

White Book, Old Testament. See additionally New Testament. Keeping lots of state in your head whereas modifying a program.

Hacker Writing Style

Generally denotes knowledge paths that symbolize efficiency bottlenecks. Cabling, especially thick Ethernet cable.

Mnemonic for `Halt and Catch Fire’, any of several undocumented and semi-mythical machine instructions with harmful side-effects, supposedly included for test purposes on several properly-identified architectures going as far back as the IBM 360. The MC6800 microprocessor was the first for which an HCF opcode turned broadly known.

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