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Missing characters in typed enter as a result of software malfunction or system saturation (one cause of such habits under Unix when a nasty connection to a modem swamps the processor with spurious character interrupts; see screaming tty). Mental glitches; used as a way teco zap cap reviews of describing these occasions when the mind just appears to shut down for a couple of beats.

Your typical electric utility attracts its line present out of the large turbines with a pair of coil taps located close to the top of the dynamo. When the conventional faucet brushes get dirty, they take them off line to scrub them up, and use particular auxiliary faucets on the underside of the coil. Now, it is a problem, as a result of when %keywords% they do that they get not ordinary or `thin’ electrons, but the fat’n’sloppy electrons that are heavier and so settle to the bottom of the generator. These move down ordinary wires just fantastic, however when they have to show a sharp corner (as in an integrated-circuit through), they’re apt to get stuck. This is what causes laptop glitches.

Bill Arden

Obviously, fat electrons should gain mass by bogon absorption –ESR] Compare bogon, magic smoke. [Unix/C hackers, from the Iberian dance] In C, a wild pointer that runs out of bounds, inflicting a core dump, or corrupts the malloc area in such a method as to cause mysterious failures in a while, is usually said to have `accomplished a fandango on core’. On low-finish private machines without an MMU, this can corrupt the OS itself, causing massive lossage. Other frenetic dances such because the rhumba, cha-cha, or watusi, may be substituted. See aliasing bug, precedence lossage, smash the stack, memory leak, reminiscence smash, overrun screw, core.

See additionally pointy-haired, rat dance. To work with or modify in a not particularly severe manner. “I diddled a replica of ADVENT so it did not double-house all the time.” “Let’s diddle this piece of code and see if the problem goes away.” See tweak and twiddle.

A special floppy disk that’s required in order to perform some task. Some include special coding that allows an application to identify it uniquely, others are particular code that does something that normally-resident packages do not or can’t. (For example, AT&T’s “Unix PC” would only come up in root mode with a special boot disk.) Also known as a `key disk’. [Usenet, by pointed analogy with “sexist”, “racist”, and so forth.] Someone who judges folks by the domain of their e-mail addresses; esp. someone who dismisses anyone who posts from a public web provider.

“What do you anticipate from an article posted from” 2. See also big-endian, sense 2. [Microsoft, Netscape] Interim software program used internally for testing.

A software program supply tree packaged for distribution; however see kit. Since about 1996 unqualified use of this time period typically implies `Linux distribution’. A vague time period encompassing mailing lists and Usenet newsgroups (however not BBS fora); any subject-oriented message channel with multiple recipients. An data-house area (usually loosely correlated with geography) to which propagation of a Usenet message is restricted; a much-underutilized function. Any hardware requiring raised flooring and particular energy.

  • Post-Internet, BBSs are prone to be local newsgroups on an ISP; effectivity has elevated but a sure taste has been misplaced.
  • See Real Programmer.
  • [common; abbreviation, `Bulletin Board System’] An electronic bulletin board system; that’s, a message database the place people can log in and leave broadcast messages for others grouped (typically) into topic groups.
  • [frequent] New computer hardware, unadorned with such snares and delusions as an working system, an HLL, and even assembler.
  • But there’s extra.

[AI neighborhood] The tendency of people to attach associations to phrases from prior expertise. For example, there’s nothing magic concerning the image + that makes it well-suited to indicate addition; it is just that folks affiliate it with addition. Using + or `plus’ to mean addition in a pc language is benefiting from the ELIZA impact.

More often, however, it reveals the author’s lack of expertise in digital communication. See B1FF, pseudo. A file that’s not seen by default to regular directory-browsing instruments (on Unix, information named with a number one dot are, by convention, not normally presented in listing %keywords% listings). Many packages outline one or more dot recordsdata during which startup or configuration information may be optionally recorded; a consumer can customise this system’s habits by creating the appropriate file within the present or house listing.

Universal Remote Programming

Dogfood is usually not even of beta high quality. [Usenet] Said of an individual whose account on a pc has been removed, esp. for cause somewhat than through regular attrition. “He received disusered once they found out he’d been cracking via the varsity’s Internet entry.” The verbal kind `disuser’ is stay but less common. Both usages most likely derive from the DISUSER account standing flag on VMS; setting it disables the account. Compare star out.

Name and title character of a comic strip nationally syndicated within the U.S. and enormously well-liked among hackers. Dilbert is an archetypical engineer-nerd who works at an anonymous high-know-how company; the strips present a lacerating satire of insane working situations and idiotic managementpractices all too readily acknowledged by hackers. In 1996 Adams distilled his insights into the collective psychology of businesses into an even funnier e-book, “The Dilbert Principle” (HarperCollins, ISBN ).

Hacker Writing Style

The mainstream `exec’ as an abbreviation for (human) govt is not used. To a hacker, an `exec’ is a always a program, by no means an individual. An executable binary file. Some operating systems (notably MS-DOS, VMS, and TWENEX) use the extension .EXE to mark such information. This usage can be occasionally discovered among Unix programmers although Unix executables have no required suffix.

A Portrait Of J. Random Hacker

El Camino Real runs proper past Stanford University and so is familiar to hackers. The eighty-column mind was thought by most hackers to dominate IBM’s customer base and its considering. This only began to change within the mid-Nineteen Nineties when IBM started to reinvent itself after the triumph of the killer micro.

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