Your monetary need


StudentAid BC financing differs in accordance with your financial predicament, status, duration of research system, quantity of dependants as well as other factors.

How much money you get from StudentAid BC depends upon your economic need, which will be determined by using this formula:

Educational costs- Student Resources= Financial need

We subtract your total resources from your total academic expenses to determine your evaluated need that is financial.

Your examined need will be in contrast to the utmost weekly money limitation permitted for the research duration. The reduced of the two quantities is really what you will be entitled to get.

Pupil Living Allowances

The month-to-month pupil living allowances for every single category of pupil are meant to protect charges for shelter, meals, neighborhood transport, and miscellaneous costs. They truly are standard allowances for the moderate quality lifestyle founded by the government. The allowances differ centered on a pupil’s residing situation in addition to territory or province where they’ll certainly be learning.

The 2019/20 allowances for pupils surviving in B.C. Are below. Allowances for any other living circumstances are located in the SABC Policy handbook.

2019/20 residing Allowances for pupils surviving in B.C. Monthly Weekly
solitary pupil far from home $1,639 $381
solitary pupil living in the home $690 $160
Single parent (add child allowance x quantity of dependants) $2,011 $468
Married student/spouse (add child allowance x number of dependants) $3,076 $715
Child allowance $713 $166

Note: These allowances are widely used to determine your economic need that will not be the month-to-month quantities you will definitely get. The total amount of pupil economic support available for your requirements is decided by your examined need, whether you have got dependants, the size of your research duration and also the maximum quantities set by the Canada scholar Loan Program and also by StudentAid BC.

Academic costs:

  • tuition, charges, publications and college supplies
  • moderate total well being allowance for shelter, meals, transport and miscellaneous costs
  • child/dependant bills
  • day-care expenses

Student resources:

You are anticipated to add whenever you can towards the price of your own personal education that is post-secondary. The more you add from your very own resources that are own the less you’re going to have to borrow and repay.

What you’re likely to contribute

The financial contribution anticipated you may have that can be applied to your education costs from you will depend on the total family income declared on your previous year’s income tax submission to the Canada Revenue Agency, as well as other resources.

You will be anticipated to play a role in your training expenses. A set contribution quantity is determined centered on your previous 12 months family members earnings; other resources you have which can be targeted toward your training expenses, such as for example scholarships as well as other money sources, are believed also.

If you’re categorized as a student that is dependent StudentAid BC could also expect a parental share from your own parent(s), step-parent, sponsor or appropriate guardian on the basis of the total household earnings declared on their previous year’s tax submission towards the Canada income Agency.

A spouse/partner contribution may also be expected based on their total family income declared on their previous year’s income tax submission to the Canada Revenue Agency if you are married or living common-law.

Exacltly what the moms and dads are required to contribute

If you might be a separate pupil, no parental contribution is anticipated. But, by your parents, declare this on your loan application if you are receiving money voluntarily given to you.

A financial contribution may be expected from your parent(s), step-parent, sponsor or legal guardian based on the total family income declared on their previous year’s income tax submission to the Canada Revenue Agency if you are a Dependent student. StudentAid BC will gauge the quantity predicated on family members size, income and allowable deductions (such as for instance taxes payable, Canada Pension Arrange efforts and work insurance coverage efforts).

Your mother and father’ monetary assets (term deposits, shares, bonds, GICs, bank records and properties that are rental will additionally be considered within the evaluation.

Since the evaluation procedure is complex, you will be motivated to get hold of us if you want more details about anticipated parental efforts.

If you should be hitched or residing common-law, your better half or partner are anticipated to create a economic share toward your training when you are attending post-secondary college.

If for example the spouse/partner can also be attending college full-time, or perhaps is in receipt of work insurance (EI), social support, or impairment advantages, no share is anticipated.

Your spouse/partner can be anticipated to play a role in your training expenses aswell, and a hard and fast contribution quantity should be determined predicated on their prior year total income.

There are numerous sourced elements of capital to fund your post-secondary training. They consist of:

  • Scholarships, grants and honors administered by StudentAid BC.
  • Other scholarships, bursaries and prizes – consult your college for future possibilities and due dates.
  • Direct loans from banking institutions and credit unions.
  • Economic support from community businesses and solution groups.
  • Part-time work.
  • Family resources.
  • The explore funding options section for more information visit.

Maximum money limits

There are weekly and lifetime optimum financing limits that you ought to be familiar with. Not absolutely all learning students get the optimum amount.

2019/2020 regular maximums

  • you can receive up to $510 per week in combined loan and grant funding if you have dependant children.
  • Should you not have dependant young ones, it is possible to receive as much as $320 each week of full-time study.

The total quantity you get is dependent upon the size of your research duration.

The table that is following the most and extent of StudentAid BC capital and interest-free status that you could get over your health.

Funding type $ restriction time period limit
Canada education loan (non-doctoral) 340 days (80 months)
Canada student loan (doctoral) 400 months (94 months)
Canada education loan (people with permanent disabilities or received loans ahead of August 1,1995) 520 months (120 months)
B.C. Pupil loan (non-doctoral) $50,000 340 days (80 months)
B.C. Pupil loan (doctoral) $50,000 400 days (94 months)
B.C. Pupil loan (people with permanent disabilities) $50,000 520 days (120 months)
Canada and B.C. Loan that is interest-freenon-doctoral) 340 months (80 months)
Canada and B.C. Interest-free loan (doctoral) 400 days (94 months)
Canada and B.C. Interest-free loan (individuals with permanent disabilities or received loans ahead of August 1, 1995) 520 months (120 months)


If you received StudentAid BC money between Aug. 1, 2000, and July 31, 2006, you’re eligible for either $35,000 in B.C. Figuratively speaking (no matter system size) or as much as 340 days of interest-free status, whichever comes first. When you have received significantly less than $35,000 in B.C. Figuratively speaking by July 31, 2006, your StudentAid BC loan life time optimum is $50,000.

In some circumstances, it is possible to request an evaluation for financing beyond the utmost lifetime limitation for StudentAid BC loans. Contact StudentAid BC or your aid that is financial office additional information on how best to attract. There’s absolutely no appeal apparatus for Federal money beyond the number that is maximum of.

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