WWE SmackDown: The Fiend takes out Daniel Bryan with Mandible Claw


Daniel Bryan will go into his Survivor Series match after falling Prey.

Bryan was SmackDown tosummon Bray Wyatt night, two weeks before his Universal title match against The Fiend live on Sky Sports Box Office on Sunday.
Bryan really was met by Wyatt, but maybe not in the manner he planned and not.
The Miz, who exchanged some unpleasant words with Bryan a week duringMiz TV within an exchange that appeared to reestablish their hostile competition, hit on the scene to battle Bryan to a game just after The Beard known as Wyatt into the squared circle.
The A-Lister attempted to prey on a exposed Bryan, who was furious that Wyatt not answered his summoning. Miz even slapped Bryan throughout the face, resulting in an match.
But the two were unable to repay their differences with a particular macabre intruder.
Click on the video above to determine how the action unfolded…

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