This week may boast the most wagers in West Virginia sports gambling history. WVU soccer hosts the Texas Longhorns in a Big 12 Conference matchup among teams.
Either side will enter Saturdays matchup with new legs coming off a bye. The Mountaineers took Kansas 29-24, on the road , in their last match. Texas won a summit conflict, topping Oklahoma State, 36-30.
The Longhorns are sizable favorites Even though these teams come to this weekends game with the album. This is no small against WVU, as Texas is ranked 11th and 12th in the AP and Coaches Poll of this week, respectively.
Want to wager for Week 6 on WVU football? Here are the lines in West Virginia sportsbooks:
Despite the fact that they might know they are underdogs, the Mountaineers will be storming the field at Morgantown as confident as this weekend. After a slow start that contained a victory within FCS James Madison and a 31-point loss at Missouri, his staff and coach Neal Brown have reacted.
The Longhorn offense wills be slowing down. Then the Mountaineers have a chance if the defensive unit thats shown theyre capable of limiting quarterbacks can do it again this week.
Ehlinger generates issues for the top defenses and is among the very best at the place. He is a dual-threat whos likely to make an impact in both the departure and ground game.
Ehlinger has passing yards and a 15:1 touchdown to interception ratio. He also is second on the team in racing, for 191 yards with 42 carries thus far this season.
Against Oklahoma State in his match, the junior quarterback totaled over 350 yards from scrimmage and four touchdowns.
Their safeties should stay alert about the heavy ball over the top Though the Mountaineers will want to hone in on Ehlinger. Texas has several wide receivers who have created plenty of plays that are volatile.
Devin Duvernay leads the wideouts with a 39 catches through four matches. Two players at FBS football have more receptions.
Three other Longhorns possess at least 10 catches, such as Brennan Eagles and Jake Smith. They each have four as well as extended receptions for the year of 53 yards.
WVU will have to do different things on defense once the season comes, or else Texas will carry on to score its own 41.8 points per game. It is going to surely be a challenge to try and contain Ehlinger along with the run game, while at the same time protecting against the deep pass.
When it comes to betting on WVU football if the Mountaineers can slow down Texas enough, theyll offer their offense and quarterback Austin Kendall.
Together with its defense acting, WVU will require the remaining part of the crime and a fantastic day from Kendall. The Mountaineers have scored 44 and 29 after managing just 27 points in their first two competitions.
Game is due to an improved currently running. WVU rushed for 173 yards with a 6.2 moderate in its win against NC State, along with also another 192 yards against Kansas.
He lacks the experience to conduct the show all even though Kendall has all of the potential in the entire world. WVUs offense has been assisted by A dedication to running the soccer substantially. Anticipate to continue to do more of the exact same that.
The Mountaineers have also done a excellent job of restricting turnovers lately. In their two wins, they have only turned the ball over one time. This will be a significant factor in Saturdays game, as every possession is going to be an important one.
Maintaining possession is as important for WVU, although scoring points will be crucial. The more it may retain Texas on the sideline, the greater its chances of winning will be.
In case Texas finds itself down early in the match, it might not have the ability to obtain the groove it is searching for. Making Ehlinger have to pass downfield all game will fetch him and provide opportunities at making turnovers to WVU.
More crazy things have happened college football though the Mountaineers are underdogs on Saturday. With also the home-field advantage that will rock Morgantown and the assurance it has, WVU could have a chance.
Chris Imperiale covers sports betting and the online casino businesses. He was on staff in Bleacher Report and has a journalism degree from Rutgers University.
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