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Rich Energy partnership ends, haas

Haas have confirmed that Rich Energy’s title sponsorship manage the team was”amicably” finished with immediate effect after arrangement between the parties.
Aubameyang meets drivers at Monza
On a week off from Premier League duty, Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was among the celebrity guests at the GP – and also met some some other sporting stars such as Lewis Hamilton and Carlos Sainz, that he had a paddock game of keepie uppie with before qualifying.
Leclerc matches Hamilton accomplishment
After withstanding immense pressure at Monza from Lewis Hamilton to emerge and win the German GP, Charles Leclerc ahieved an F1 feat last accomplished from the Mercedes driver – attaining the first two wins of his career at conseuctive races.
And the maiden victories of Leclerc came seven days apart. For Spa and Monza 2019 for Leclerc, see Canada and USA 2007 for both Hamilton.
Grid falls for Gasly and Verstappen
Red Bull’s Max Verstappen and Toro Rosso’s Pierre Gasly will begin from the back rows of this GP owing.
After their took Honda Spec 4 engine Spa and chose up penalties, Verstappen and Gasly will do similarly at Monza.
“From a PU perspective, the most important improvement is that we plan to conduct the Spec 4 PU with all four drivers for the first time, after just Albon and Kvyat ran it into Belgium,” confirmed Honda’s Toyoharu Tanabe.
“To their first race with Spec 4, Gasly and Verstappen will therefore take grid penalties and start in the rear of grid, however we think they could still race ardently on Sunday.
Maldonado’expected to join Ferrari’
Pastor Maldonado has claimed he was”near” to linking Ferrari for its 2014 F1 season.
Discussing in F1’s Beyond The Grid podcast, the former Williams and Lotus motorist said:”To be honest, if you return at the time, I was the only fresh one in Formula 1 who achieved a success (Spain 2012) with not a winning car, therefore folks were looking at me and so were happy to welcome me at the groups. Even to speak, I was welcome at the teams.
“With Ferrari I recall Montezemolo at that time was in there, also Domenicali. The Italian men constantly followed career and my results. I also made great points with an automobile that has been nowhere. I do great races and we have very close.
“But they began to proceed to put Montezemolo out, they put Domenicali outside and then we dropped the connections and the communicating. We had a couple of meetings in the track although I’ve never been to Maranello. I met Domenciali several times and I met Montezemolo.”
Maldonado added:”At the time that I was expecting the move”
In the end, Ferrari hired Kimi Raikkonen to partner Fernando Alonso to get 2014, using Maldonado replacing the Finn at Lotus.
Alonso with McLaren at Monza
Fernando Alonso contributes into a F1 race weekend paddock for just the second time since stepping out from the game at the conclusion of last year at Monza this weekend, spending some time together with McLaren amid his ongoing role as an ambassador.
Can Grosjean maintain Haas seat?
It has been a bumper afternoon using Valtteri Bottas stretching his Mercedes’ contract at the driver marketplace, also Esteban Ocon registering for Renault to get 2020. This Ocon transfer means Nico Hulkenberg is currently together with the German linked with Haas.
Can it be Romain Grosjean’s seat under threat?
“I don’t know if [Kevin] Magnussen likes me more than he dislikes Hulkenberg! ,” joked Grosjean (Magnussen and Hulkenberg have frequently clashed).
He added:”It’s silly season and there’s a lot of rumours. I am quite comfortable with my position. I think I have done a decent season,obviously not the race outcomes – but concerning performance I’m very satisfied with what I’ve done.
“The next couple of weeks are going to be very interesting in terms of who’s going where, and who is being dropped.”
Ericsson on standby, at Belgium to step in for Kimi
Marcus Ericsson is on standby to substitute Kimi Raikkonen for Alfa Romeo in the Belgian GP as the Finn is breastfeeding a muscle injury in his leg.
Raikkonen hopes to still race this weeekend nevertheless says that he won’t know if he is going to have the ability to compete before getting in the car on Friday for training.
Ericsson, who dropped his Alfa Romeo chair last year, is overlooking the IndyCar around at Portland to be in Spa as pay.
Hamilton launches hamburger chain
A burger restaurant in London is opening, with the very first Neat Burger opening next week.
“I’m really very excited to be partnering with Neat Burger to start our plant established sustainable hamburger chain,” explained the world champion on Instagram, adding that there would be”stores throughout the planet” shortly.
Albon and Gasly prepared for action
Fittings, complete.
Alex Albon was at the Red Bull mill ahead of a significant debut race in Belgium, while Gasly returned into Toro Rosso after being freed in the senior team…
F1 shows another look at the future
Since the countdown to the projected October sign-off to get F1’s large 2021 rules overhaul gets nearer, the game has provided a glimpse at how a model of the car looks in the end tunnel.
The 50 percent scale model, using 2021-style 18-inch tyres, was tested from the Sauber tunnel in Hinwil as F1’s technical chiefs assses the aftermath being handed off from the in-development automobile as they bid to enhance overtaking and aid closer racing.
“With the configurations we’ve got at the moment, the results are outstanding,” said F1’s chief technological officer Pat Symonds.
And FIA technical main Nikolas Tombazis shows:”There’s a 5-10 per cent aftermath disruption, compared to the recent levels of 50 percent, even though it is dependent upon the precise configuration you’re testing and so on.”
Alfa Romeo give two drivers tests
The Swiss team will conduct their 2013 car at Paul Ricard on August 23-24 to provide test outings to Tatiana Calderon, the ensemble’s test driver, and Juan Manuel Correa.
For American growth motorist Correa, the evaluation represents a debut behind the wheel of an F1 car, with the 20-year-old using secured two podium finishes in this season F2 championship.
Calderon, also racing in F2 this year, twice examined for Sauber at 2018 – the very first outing came in their then-current C37 challenger.
“Our team has a proud history of cultivating young talent and we take this part of our mission quite seriously,” explained Alfa Romeo team manager Frederic Vasseur. “Both Juan Manuel and Tatiana have shown to be valuable members of our team, working with us in the mill and trackside, also this opportunity in the car can help them advance further in their understanding of Formula 1 and also in constructing their relationship with all the crew and engineers.”
Vettel vs Leclerc. . .but not as you know it
Formula 1 drivers, competitive? You bet they are…
Hulkenberg observes his 32nd…
Verstappen responds to Gasly news
Max Verstappen says it’s a”shame” which Pierre Gasly has lost his Red Bull seat but has backed his group’s decision.
Red Bull created a significant summer move by replacing the under-performing Gasly with Toro Rosso youngster Alex Albon – that may now go up from Verstappen.
“Of course it is a pity for Pierre, but I do not care that my team-mate is,” Verstappen informed De Telegraaf.
“The point is that we perform better with another car and thus gain additional points for the team.” (Complete story – external website )
Summer break f1 drivers enjoy
Podium return is celebrated by toro Rosso. . .eventually
When you’ve waited 11 years to the podium, what is another week matter before it is correctly marked by you? Celebrations for Daniil Kvyat finish from Germany’s rain in Toro Rosso HQ prior to the summer shutdown.
Mexican GP to Remain on calendar
Despite in the year about the future of the Mexican GP, the mayor Claudia Sheinbaum, of Mexico City, has declared that the city is to keep to 2020 to the calendar.
The circuit tweeted:”Mexico City will last to #F1ESTA!” Tweeted the circuit. The information was verified by Formula 1.
F1 looks set to stage a record 22 events in 2020. Germany seems poised to drop out again, although the Netherlands and vietnam are currently joining the calendar.
Hamilton, Verstappen and Vettel on Alonso…
At the end of the post-race Hungarian GP press conference, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen were asked concerning Fernando Alonso’s congratulatory Twitter article about the race – and it sparked a rather interesting conversation between these and third-placed finisher Sebastian Vettel.
Read on for the whole interesting, and at-times-revealing, transcript…
Lewis Hamilton: Well, firstly that’s really amazing that he’s reassuring… that I was only actually watching some of the restarts, the starts of earlier years and viewing him out of his Renault days and that I remember before I got to Formula 1 seeing how beautiful their starts were. I don’t understand how old Fernando is now but he’s always going to be an excellent driver. If he will get a good chair, he’s always welcome to fight us. It doesn’t create a difference always. I am here to fight whoever’s here.
Max Verstappen: Yeah, I think that it was a bit of a shame that I had an opportunity to resist against him F1 so yeah…
LH: Could be a fantastic team-mate for youpersonally.
MV: Fernando? Well, you have experience with this, I don’t know. Well…
Sebastian Vettel: ” He might become your dad!
MV: Yeah, it’s close! Yeah, I know. As a father. Just how old is he? 36? 38! OK, nicely 17 is likely to be a dad.
SV: Talking with experience?
MV: I don’t know. At least I do not know.
LH: Just how old are you?
MV: 21. Many years, plenty of years…
LH: Jeez. I like being in this area because I’m not the earliest!
MV: 34?
LH: I am 34, nearly 35, yeah.
SV: I’ll inform youthe day people get beat by somebody who is born in 2000 and upward. We will know it is time…
MV: I’m not so young!
Q: Sebastian, closing thoughts on Fernando? Would you like to see him ?
SV: I don’t mind. I don’t understand why… I don’t believe he never really liked me. I really don’t think we had a… I do not mind him. I admire him for what he can do on track and also for what he achieved. I don’t know. I guess he is bored if he’s got time to write these things. So bring him back, I do not mind.
MV: Maybe as a media supervisor. For me, he’s always been great and very nice. I like he is now looking into opportunities for racing. He just loves racing and he wants to win, he still wishes to be competitive. It is very good to see.
LH: The sport needs the top drivers in the very best seats and there’s still at least a chair available that is good enough for winning and he is great enough for winning therefore it wouldn’t be such a bad…
MV he could talk to Toto.
LH: Valtteri’s great; Valtteri’s already been winning. You are the person with the extra seat, I would say.
MV: I did not say that.
SV: I’m not certain…
Verstappen staying Red Bull to get F1 2020
Toto Wolff has frequently spoken glowingly about Max Verstappen and there have been rumours all season about Mercedes’ curiosity in the Dutchman to make a blockbuster partnership with Hamilton. But that swoop is not going to take place.
Sky Sports understands Verstappen, who already has an Red Bull contract for 2020, had performance exemptions which could have seen him become accessible – however they died after the Hungarian GP.
Verstappen would have been able to proceed from Red Bull had he not been at the top three at the championship by the summer months – but his second-placed finish implies he is third behind Hamilton and Bottas.
“He’s at Red Bullhe has a contract and he’s dedicated to Red Bull,” explained Mercedes manager Wolff. “I love to find that he says that, since I wouldn’t want to have any motorist in my team looking on the fence of what opportunities are out there.
“He’s committed to Red Bull, this is where he’s racing this season and that is really where he’s going to rush the season after. And everything is quite far out in the open.”
F1 heading into Saudi Arabia?
F1 supervisors have been looking out teams of their perspectives on with a race in Saudi Arabia, according to The Times.
The paper claim a race could just be staged under’ stringent conditions’ in the Kingdom. (Complete story – external website )
Haas on motorist need, and Grosjean-Magnussen
Haas”have an arrangement” with Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen as they look to avoid further accidents involving their two drivers, according to Guenther Steiner – who has also addressed rumours in their 2020 line-up
Grosjean and Magnussen have struck against each other which makes their futures.
Haas boss Steiner told Sky F1:”I sat down with them initially and we agreed – it wasn’t a hard agreement, they had been on board – that when we tell them if they are near together, and perhaps now it is finished because we have an agreement, they accept instruction from the group, who is going who’s remaining [in place ].
“We’ve got clear understanding, they were content with the decision and sat down between them to sort out themselves. They understand they cannot do anymore like this and I hope it works this time. I’m mentioning it for the next time so maybe three times lucky and we’re over it”
On the 2020 line-up,” Steiner continued:”Gene [Haas, team owner] and myself may make the decision on the summer break, hopefully, and we all could come back and understand how we return forward with all the drivers for next year.
“There’s need of drivers, but there isn’t a great deal of movement yet. Everybody is asking, we all are putting our feelers out seeing what is occurring, but nothing has proceeded. When the very first domino falls the marketplace will start to move.”
WATCH: Horner and Marko on contract
Bottas: Germany mistake’not ideal’ timing
Valtteri Bottas has confessed the timing of his inferior German GP was”not perfect” with Mercedes place to make a decision this month on whether to retain the Finn for second season.
Bottas was running when he span and jumped out of the race – and he could have taken a significant chunk out of Lewis Hamilton’s championship lead.
“To be sure it was not perfect but it occurs,” Bottas advised Sky F1 before the Hungarian GP. “It was a mistake that occurred at the wrong moment. I was clearly striving hard, pushing tough that’s exactly what the team wishes to see.”
Bottas included:”I do not think 1 mistake or a single race will change anything. That’s my mindset coming here. I must really not thinking about it, I want to perform my best and concentrate on that.
“I know I did not do well but I’ll attempt to do this this weekend, and clearly it’s up to the team with their conclusion and we’ll see. But no stress, just full gas”
Hamilton explains’retire the automobile’ GP message
Lewis Hamilton has clarified that he advised Mercedes to”retire the automobile” towards the conclusion of a chaotic German GP if he had to save motor mileage.
Hamilton issued the radio when he was running after his two spins, but had been advised that there could”still be opportunities” and eventually secured two points thanks to Alfa Romeo’s double punishment.
“For one I was not feeling good,” Hamilton told me in Hungary. “But mostly I was simply feeling that I’m dead last, I calculate the odds of me getting points and then I guess how many more races have got to perform on this {e

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