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The judgment is invalid. Defender of the accused attorney. Kazimierz Pawelec disagreed with the judgment and reasoning of the court. He also announced to appeal. The process in this case started in May 2014. Mokotowska Urbanowi prosecutors alleged that in 2012. Allowed to publish “grotesque image referring to the image of Jesus with little intelligent expression” – which offended the religious feelings of six people.

As indicated when the prosecutor’s office, freedom of expression is not unlimited, and artistic expression can not be “no reason offensive to others.” Allegations made Urbanowi related art. 196 of the Penal Code, which provides for a fine or imprisonment up to 2 years in prison for public insult of religious worship (or place of religious rites). Urban then refuted allegation, considering that the process is “limiting freedom of expression and confirmation that Poland is a confessional state as Saudi Arabia and Iran.” Participating in the European Summit of Regions and Cities Barnier pointed out that the EU is only the will of the people, the sovereign, and the British public voted for brexitem. The biggest part of his ponadgodzinnego Barnier devoted ON THE controversial mechanism contingency Ireland (ang. Backstop).

It assumes that in the absence of an agreement with the EU United Kingdom would be forced to remain in the customs union and the common market in the elements, in order to avoid the so-called return. hard border between Northern Ireland. and remaining in Ireland, the EU, which could endanger the peace process on the island. “The issue is the cause of Irish impasse in the House of Commons and submarines, for which the contract (agreement with the EU ws. Brexitu – PAP) has not been approved by the British Parliament,” – noted Barnier. See also: This is a decision the House of Commons. Brexit be delayed »British parliament decided. Hard Brexit rejected.

What does it mean? “He stressed that the border issue is not theoretical, and it is not a matter of dogma. “You could say, Mr. Barnier, please be more flexible, but in Ireland in terms of peace, the stability of the entire island” – pointed out the EU negotiator. He added that the EU remaining in Ireland and Northern Ireland for 20 years trying to restore peace, which requires intensive work and therefore there can not arise again limit. Barnier pointed out that at a time when Northern Ireland to leave the EU customs union and common market, will be the new frontier of the single market through the center of the island. While the EU has a duty to protect the unity of the market, the control of all the products that are on it. “We need to control these products in three aspects: consumer safety, food security, we must also fight zoonoses and these checks take place on all borders, regardless of whether it is Poland, Portugal and Greece. All the external borders of the European Union are places where controlled products to protect consumers, “- he stressed. He added that the products that go to the EU are also controlled in terms of tax and customs to protect “our budget” and “our company”. “We control products to suit our norms and standards that apply to all of our producers,” – he said.

He also said that the border is a matter that must be resolved and in which the EU has to agree with the United Kingdom, so that “this border was not in our future relations.” “We must have a specific solution for Ireland to avoid a recurrence of the border, including all the technical means to carry out these checks in a non-material, for example. At the moment we can not do that, so we need to find a permanent solution, which we anticipate in the agreement (divorce – PAP ), so that the whole of Britain remained for a transitional period a part of the customs union, and this is the solution that I accepted in the process of negotiations “, – said Barnier. He added that the solution proposed by the British themselves, but some of them rejects it, saying that the EU wants to remain in the United Kingdom customs union indefinitely. “It is a source of conflict in the House of Commons and there he must be resolved,” – he said. According to the process described in Article 50 of the EU Treaty UK should leave the Community at midnight from 29 to 30 March, which is in two weeks. Meanwhile, the British parliament has twice rejected the text of the agreement with the EU ws.

Brexitu. On Thursday, the British House of Commons adopted a draft resolution calling on the government to try to delay brexitu to at least 30 June in the case of the adoption of the agreement out of the EU, or even longer, if parliament did not support any agreement with the Community. Prepared text by Downing Street – which is not at this stage legally binding, but is a clear political instructions of parliament for the government – parliamentarians appointed a new term limit for the adoption of some form of a draft agreement with the EU ws. Conditions leave the Community on March 20. In the absence of any other arrangements, regardless of the Wednesday before the House of Commons political opinion against bezumownemu brexitowi, United Kingdom automatically leave the Community without a contract at midnight from 29 to 30 March. 8. The European Summit of Regions and Cities, which was attended by Barnier, Europe’s largest meeting of local government representatives from across the European Union, which brings together national politicians and EU. In this year it takes place in Bucharest, Romania in January because the first time since joining the EU in 2007, took over the rotating presidency of the EU Council.

Summit co-organize the European Committee of the Regions, which is the assembly of elected local and regional politicians of the EU, the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council and the main Romanian association of local and regional authorities. The case concerns capita podolsztynskiej municipality, in which ABW found significant amounts of explosives, 25 firearms and ammunition. Wojciech K. main defendant was responsible for the preparation of the attack on the constitutional organs of the state, which are the Sejm, the Senate and the President of the Republic. Who was seated with him in the dock three other men were sentenced to 2 years in prison absolute to 1 year probation. With the prosecution shows that in order to Wojciech K. coup in the years 2014-2017 year. Bought and collected at the place of residence without permission explosives, explosive devices, and chemical substances (for a total of several tens of kilograms, and a dozen liters of dangerous drugs). They could be used in the manufacture of explosives and could bring danger to the life or health of many persons or property in large sizes.

The president on Monday began a three-day visit to New York, during which will include the He participated in the general debate of the 73rd Session of the UN General Assembly and the UN Security Council meeting. Duda made reference to his meeting last week in Washington with US President Donald Trump. Polish president visited the White House in the last wtorek.zobacz: Duda President will participate in a session of the UN General Assembly »Duda stressed that the meeting with Trump came directly from the top Trojmorza Initiative countries in Bucharest. “With Mr. President very much talked about mutual economic cooperation, including in the context of Trojmorza, but above all also in the field of energy cooperation,” – he said. Duda stressed that economic cooperation between our countries and businesses is nothing new. “The United States is one of the best and most proven Polish friends, also in economic matters. Businesses in the United States formed in Poland 200 thousand. jobs, “- said Duda. “We want to move our relations with the United States – also economic – in the framework of a strategic partnership to a higher level.

We look at them, not only in terms of Polish-United States, but also in terms of United States-Poland-Trojmorza countries “- he added. The President pointed out that Poland is one of the fastest growing economies in the EU, with an increase of up 4-5 percent. GDP, inflation below 2.5 percent. GDP and low unemployment. Duda urged entrepreneurs from the United States, especially companies from the IT industry and new technologies, to invest in our country. “I am convinced that you will meet young people in Poland, well-educated, ambitious and prepared, and above all, intelligent and ready to work” – he said. He expressed satisfaction that it was in New York – the world capital of commerce – has created another in the US Foreign Commercial Office PAIH.

He added that their target is to be six. The case of abuse in Kindergarten No. 201 to them. Bear in Warsaw Ursynka fuss parents. In autumn 2016 intervened in the management. Explaining the matter dealt with by the police. “The investigation has interviewed dozens of witnesses, including children, who were interrogated before the court at the meeting with the participation of psychologists, parents, children, employees, kindergarten, and obtained documentation from bodies which take on this matter actions” – told PAP Luke Lapczynski, spokesman for the Prosecutor’s Office District in Warsaw.

After a few months after disclosure of the case Krystyna W. heard the allegations. At the end of June. against the 64-year-old former already przedszkolance, a bill of indictment. Krystyna W. is accused of abusing minors the Ten dependents: six girls and four boys, which was to occur in September and October 2016 year. “The point is to behaviors such as jerking hands and clothes, squeezing hands, pushing, do not release them to the toilet and shouting at children and forcing thus absolute obedience” – he described Lapczynski. Also alleges abuse of physical and mental over one pupil of the school year 2014/2015. Babysitter was among jerk girl and yell at her. The victim is a boy who Krystyna W. took care of the 2010/2011 school year.

According to the findings of investigators, he also had to be jerky tweaking. Kindergarten was also him raise his voice. Complaints which is shown on patch 64 acts described in the art. 207 of the Criminal Code and punishable up to 5 years imprisonment. Krystyna W. pleaded not guilty and exercised the right to refuse to be heard. Not previously been punished.

Information about the referral to the court indictment said the first, “Gazeta Wyborcza”. (PAP) author Hanna Zlotorowicz Residents could submit projects for 2018. Until 12 May; 350. Stage received their formal than 341 projects, and substantial further verification – 255, or nearly 73 percent. reported. A total of 232 qualified for the civil budget tasks are local and 23 – city-wide. “Verification of not more than 80 local tasks (including 8 for formal reasons) and 12 citywide (including one for formal reasons). Three projects have been incorporated into other applications by combining tasks, “- said on Friday, a spokeswoman for the Office of the City of Katowice Biskupska Eve. In the just ended the stage of substantive verification officials .: checked if the reported ideas fall into the category of tasks of the municipality or county, whether it is possible to realize the proposed tasks in the indicated locations and what will be the cost of each job. This was completed on 23 August. “We have received a lot of interesting and well-prepared applications.

This shows that the people know very well what is needed in their environment. I hope that through numerous voting show that they care about the real influencing their local communities, “- said the President of Katowice Marcin Krupa next year the city budget will allocate more civic than originally assumed 20 million zl – will be 24.5 million zl. This is due to the savings that were created in earlier projects. This money is returned to the pool for next year. As a result, Katowice civic budget is – according to the authorities of the city – Poland’s biggest per capita of provincial cities. GKS next year’s budget for civil tasks reported a total value of more than 71.5 million zl. They concern, among others, Investment in sports and recreation (cycling infrastructure, field), security (monitoring, classes in self-defense, rescue equipment), animals (pens for dogs and houses for cats), education (eg. garden sensory therapy, rehabilitation and education of people with disabilities ), culture (concerts and festivals) and road infrastructure (repair of roads and sidewalks, replacement of street lighting).

Formal verification – because of incomplete letters of support residents – including not passed combining industrial design vehicle tourist sights Balkan, referring to the historic narrow-gauge railway. Projects that have passed formal verification, and those that were rejected, can be found on the official website of the civil budget in Katowice – Internet voting for the task positively verified will be held on 11-24 September. (PAP) I admit I did not expect that so many times you replace the President of Poland, Donald Trump, first of all, that will replace it without a doubt, in the context of the closest allies of the United States – the president said at a press conference after his speech at the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly. He noted that Poland Trump listed next to Saudi Arabia and Israel – as well as India, “emphasizing our continuous quest for sovereignty, freedom” .See also the President of the Polish-Israeli declaration: “Milestone” our cooperation “,” I’m glad, because this is a picture which is retained even after my meeting bilaterally with President (Trump), after a visit to the White boom, the climate of our mutual discussions and after the fact, President Trump talks about Poland, which is its receipt Polish and Poles our merits for Europe and it is fair to say also to the world “- said Andrzej Duda. “I am glad that we are understood, it is as if accurately predicts continuing our relationship with the United States” – stressed the President. He recalled that during last week’s visit to the White House with US President signed a declaration renewing the Polish-American strategic partnership. “I believe that in the coming months and years, manage to fill it content, which will be beneficial for both Polish and the United States, for our cooperation, for the construction of Polish security, for the development interests of the United States, but above all for reinforcement our sovereignty and our partnership “- said Andrzej Duda. Trump in his speech on Tuesday during a session of the UN General Assembly addressed, among others, to Germany, to take an example from the Polish and not relied on Russia when it comes to energy supplies.

The US president also said that dreams nations are as diverse as they are the same as India, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Poland, in which “a great nation in defense of their independence, security and sovereignty.” Andrzej Duda was also asked how much they will cost permanent US bases in Poland if Poland is able to offer, as well as what the purpose of their creation.

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