Manchester United reporter notebook: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will be given time at Old Trafford


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer keeps most enthusiasts along with the backing of their Manchester United power-brokers, and will be granted money and time to turn his fortunes around at Old Trafford, says Sky Sports News reporter James Cooper.
Manchester United are in transition, so thats exactly what they want everyone to understand. What they cant tell you is how long the transition will require and things are as tough as theyre at this time.
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has stated on many occasions that there will be nobumps in the road orups and downs. What nobody appears to have been prepared for is how big some of these bumps have been this season, and that which represents anup in a environment whenreverses have come to be the standard.
The truth is stark. Just two Premier League victories so far this season, 11 away fixtures with no win, one goal in the last 3 games and a 12th place that places Manchester United just two points above the drop-zone, plus some 15 short of the second competitions: league-leaders Liverpool.
But, to be fair to Solskjaer, the following fact is an important one. Hes only been able to play his strongest team after this year, something he has 10 of his first team squad and hasnt hidden behind .
On Saturday he explained a win at Newcastle would bevital to change the mood in the club going into the international break, however that did not occur and the next 13 days now take on a new significance for the director and his team.
Solskjaer must hope he will get back some of the members of the group. Paul Pogba is clearly a priority however including Luke Shaw, Victor Lindelof to the mix that is defensive along with Aaron Wan-Bissaka, in addition to Anthony Martial and Jesse Lingard, could make Manchester Uniteds choices look more powerful.
However, what also requires addressing is an inability to create enough chances – let alone take them and a lack of confidence among a group of footballers that sees them acting within themselves, not able to maintain their gameplan and dominate an opponent nor establish some type of individuality within the pitch.
Solskjaer enjoys the help of this power-brokers at Old Trafford, plus the majority of the fans, something that was evident in Holland night when supporters applauded him and also staged his title. Hell also be backed from the January window, having brought in a summer salvo of players that improved his group but did not go.
No one could deny so recruiting is something Wan-Bissaka, Maguire and James were signings. However, while hell have plenty of resources in the next window, both players and clubs know exactly what he is searching for and doing impressive business will not be simple.
United are still in the market for someone who might be labeled as a Director of Football or Technical Director, but the parameters of the post will not observe that person become a powerful figure in Old Trafford, instead part of a group of people assembled to deal with a whole series of challenges ranging from the purchasing and selling of players into the pathway in the Academy into the primary team and everything in between.
Possibly has because Sir Alex Ferguson murdered in 2013, and much the club presently occupying, there is no timescale on when this person will arrive on the scene.
So Ole will be given time and he is going to be given money however, for the Manchester United fans attempting to understand the procedure and come to terms with it, they also need to have some progress to cling to.
Editor of the United podcast Stands, andy Mitten, spoke to Sky Sports News to give his honest evaluation of the part of the season of Manchester United.
It is terrible. The soccers bad, the staff arent scoring enough goals and not picking up things, its the worst it has been for 30 years and it is very very frustrating for Manchester United fans, who are very angry about the situation, Mitten said.
I think they admitted this was likely to be a season of transition. Its ok for the club and manager to construct for the long-term, however you need results in the short term, and they are coming, and that is a large issue for Manchester United.
Fans sang his [Solskjaers] title in Alkmaarthey sang his name at Newcastle. Perhaps not with loyalty, maybe with a passion, they need him to succeed and also probably feel sorry for him but there were chants against the Glazer family, who own Manchester United, that has been fresh in the previous couple of away games.
United fans have been very supportive and patient, especially in the games, but they have their own limitations also, and they are paying enough cash to support a staff thats failing them. The players are currently failing them, the players are currently failing their manager. Manchester United have got into a cycle where players become fair fast.
A lot of people are culpable for the things happening in the club, even Ed Woodward, the Glazers, the director, the players, and perhaps even the enthusiasts who always demand new signings and a lot of these signings havent exercised.
I feel that Ole needs additional time and deserves more time. I believe the answer is not to keep on sacking managers, that is not the way. That I dont wish to be speaking about a single transfer window, although are great players, hes got a great eye – .
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