Jason Roy: Ben Stokes Ashes heroics makes me want Spurs shirt


In his latest column for Sky Sports, Jason Roy reflects Ben Stokes’ Headingley heroics, his DJ setup afterwards and discusses his go to No 4 in the purchase and how he hopes it’s going to win him a Tottenham Hotspur shirt…
Stokesy’s hundred in Headingley is 100 per cent the best innings I’ve ever seen.
Just like the craziness of the World Cup final win, it leaves you lost for words. It was just ridiculous.
Getting bowled out for 67 was disheartening and it was going to be challenging out there on out. We never thought we’d end up in the situation we were in about this day of this Exam win it.
However there was lots of stuff mentioned, like’while Stokesy there, we’ve got an opportunity’.
I had lost hope – 73 runs needed, with a wicket? I had started packing my gear up, and Stokesy hit a couple of sixes.
I thought,’that will be good to see, whatever the outcome’, so that I went and stood on the balcony, holding the back of a seat, with some of the lads around me.
I’m not a big believer in this type of stuff but, from that point on, nobody moved.
Between balls you’d have a tiny bit of a walk but, when the bowler was again back on very top of his conduct, it was straight back to my seat.
By about as early as 40 runs everyone in the room started to possess the same feeling. His influence and the strike he showed, hitting sixes rotating .
Things went our way – we will not shy away from this – with the near run-out which Nathan Lyon fumbled.
The lads went from feeling on top of earth, with Stokesy beating us to victory, then suddenly Leachy sprinting down to the trail. A few of the guys nearly collapsed!
Leachy can’t talk about it. I stated to him, I feel exactly the same way about the chunk that I fielded in the World Cup final to your run-out. It keeps me awake during the night.
However he had been unbelievable and deserves a large amount of the plaudits for his part in the triumph.
As Stokesy, I don’t know how he had the power, for. Where nothing went to stop him, he was in this frame of mind. He did not show much emotion – that he concentrated in any way times on the job in hand – and you could see the cost that required by the end, he was finished!
Even us lads in the room were tired, moving through of the emotions. He must have been operating off pure adrenaline, and McDonald’s by the evening’s end!
I missed out on this trip as I started heading back home by that point, but sitting around the outfield as a group was still an unbelievable moment.
Those are the times that you play with the game for. There was talk, we only took it all in; it was a gorgeous day, with the sun going down and it was silent, yet only a few hours ahead there was carnage.
Leachy is the very humble bloke from the living area but, after a few beers, we could spur him on to re-enact his game-tying run. I was in charge of the tunes for a bit.
There was some hip hop, which is more my sort of vibe, but I slowed down it and threw in a little Lewis Capaldi towards the end.
This week moving on to the Old Trafford Test, there’s the feeling around the team the momentum is with us. Even the lads are fired and now believe anything is possible.
On a personal note, my form has been frustrating. I understood that opening the cricket was going to be entirely distinct to unmarried cricket, but I have found it extremely difficult.
Coming off the back of this World Cup – sense mentally and emotionally drained – work my way while enjoying out and I’ve been attempting to learn on the job.
I have been heading out to bat, confronting a few chunks and thinking,’that is functioning’ and I’ll get a push ball, or a basketball I nick, and you have to start all over again innings.
Folks have made their decisions, saying’he is not a Test player’ and this sort of stuff. I think I am, and could be, and thus moving down to the sequence for this Evaluation it reassuring. You receive time to ease to an innings.
That’s not to say it’s going to be easy. This is comfortably the best attack I have ever faced; they’ve a relentless set of tall bowlers, that operate upward at or near 90mph. They are so persistent; they don’t appear to miss their areas.
However, as a apparatus that is batting, we are hungry. That’s a terrific feeling, especially considering how deep we’re in the total amount of cricket that has been played and the entire year.
The next innings at Headingley is 100 percent our template moving. You’d need one batsman to go big with Stokesy, to drive for the large 400, 450 plus totals and it would be amazing if I could contribute and get a huge score in these two Tests.
My girl Everly is still a Tottenham fan, although they delivered him after his hundred; Stokesy has been showing off with the newest shirt even if just to see what I can get delivered from Tottenham Hotspur.
During their Champions League game against Manchester City earlier in the year, I recall that she had been yelling and yelling and crying, then I flicked the football on and suddenly she stopped.
When this match is won by Tottenham, I mentioned, she is a Tottenham fan. She did not cry the entire game and also, in my opinion, their run into the final was down to her.
I am not the only one this week chomping at the bit. Jofra Archer is really excited and looking forward to building on his efforts at Headingley.
He is excited to get going, but so is everybody. We do not need the attempt of Stokesy to be for nothing and it will be if we lose this match.
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