I’ve had intercourse with four virgins in my own life, from America, Colombia, England, and Poland.


I think this will be statistically over the mean I meet these girls so i’m probably doing something right when. We attribute my success to those three practices:

1. We reveal frustration whenever I am told by her she’s a virgin. It is made by me clear that I value fun intercourse, maybe not virginity. We state so it’s a “shame” she does not have any experience whatsoever on which We start thinking about become the most enjoyable habits that a individual may have. One thing should be incorrect on her to nevertheless be a virgin.

2. We tease her virginity. We make light of her experience by saying things such as for example:

  • “So you don’t understand how a penis works? It is perhaps perhaps not really a muscle tissue, you understand. :)”
  • “So what now ? on nights—play with your doll house weekend? :)”
  • “You’ve lived 20% in your life and alson’t skilled intercourse? That’s depressing. :)”

Under no situation in case you convey that her virginity is an advantage for you, but don’t flat-out insult her either.

3. We disqualify myself from being the man that is right deflower her. Yet at exactly the same time, i shall hint that we have always been a specialist de-virginator that would do a congrats. State the annotated following:

We have some experience that is virgin actually i did son’t want it. The sex would be terrible, you will have a complete large amount of bloodstream when is not here?, and it surely will hurt you more than such a thing. You shall would you like to scream and cry. It’s such a thankless task for males they should receives a commission to complete it. I would personally need to be excessively gentle and patient, but I’m too old for the. We don’t think I’m the right man. Too bad, actually, because you’re perhaps perhaps perhaps not a girl that is unattractive.

Regardless of saying this, you’ll still escalate and acquire her into the bed room.

Intercourse with virgins is very awful, but they’re so insecure about this that they’ll do almost anything you let them know. They usually have no experience to dispute your assertion that doggy style is “the most popular” position, or that blasting inside their lips is “normal.” Therefore whilst it’s great to teach her into being yours intercourse doll, realize that it requires about a month (approximately 8 intercourse episodes) to have her up to speed. Consequently until you is able to see your self dating her for at the very least per month, there is no part of banging her—you won’t ever get yourself a return on your invested interest.

In the event that you shall take the city for some time and she’s somewhat cool, do it. The thirty days once you just just simply take her virginity away, after your manhood is etched into her memory until she passes in to the netherworld, you’ll be astonished at exactly exactly exactly how quickly your pupil has discovered to please you into the precise way that you require. Her rate of learning could even make you genuinely believe that the human being female developed for an incredible number of years to sexually fulfill men, and never a great deal more.

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where in colombia roosh? Medellin?? I’d some best of luck here, parque lleras and poblado had been great searching grounds…

yep, fucking virgin is surely a no aim for me these times. Having girls scream in agony whilst i battle to keep a hardon is not exactly enjoyable.

simply plainspoken advice that is great.

articles such as these would be the reason we began reading you within the beginning, Roosh. Keep em coming.

Personally discover that making love by having a virgin is much like smashing your soldier into a solid brick wall. I did son’t understand she had been a virgin, and experienced the Homer Simpson motions of scraping my mind and over over and over doing the same task while the girl lie here, grimacing in discomfort. Maybe maybe Not enjoyable.

I wah-wah-wah wonder if readers have actually lost the image-based “innocent” female fetish that may seem like an auxiliary to virginity whenever deflowering turned into therefore awful. It’s a question that is open.

We view it as getting a banner, since there is fun that is indeed little it for the woman and your self. We agree the enjoyment will begin after a few episodes, nonetheless it takes plenty of persistence to have here.

Intercourse having a virgin is indeed poor sauce. Pun probably meant.

that couldn’t work beside me hahaha… not every girl is the identical, you can’t find a ”key” way.

Ive been surviving in Poland for 4 years, ive had about 7 virgins. Its shocking that in Poland it is possible to nevertheless find attractice 20 12 months virgins that are old. This number https://yourrussianbride.com is gradually decreasing since they are getting americanized. We used to date virgins as to convert them into long haul relationships which guaranteed at the least an of stability or so before they started thinking about other guys year. I really do concur with Roosh, the most effective technique is always to cause them to become genuinely believe that its one thing which you don’t like and that shes far behind all her adventurous buddies. You didn’t have to think about all that cheating, trusting bullshit, but ohh god are they boring…Nevertheless, I can see why Muslims adopt the whole “virgin philosophy” when i was younger, virgins were great because. They are doing make good wives/gf certainly.

I really do maybe not understand to concur with this specific or perhaps not. Recently a bang is got by me with a person who reported to become a virgin…

Long tale short, fulfill in a pub, find out, head to my spot, place the plastic on my thingy and attempt to put inside…. absolutely no way to inside.

Checking out because of the hand i could place one little finger inside but two is simply too painful on her therefore handjob (no blowjob) and she said this is certainly nevertheless virgin however with some knowledge about guys (the handjob had been that is quite good be described as a handjob idea).

Met in a few days and with additional flake out and lubrification finally have the bang, tigh pussy can I state, however with no bloodstream at all.

Perform a couple of weeks later on and from then on, simply overlook it, got something better the before night.

Nevertheless wondering if she was virgin or simply had some vaginismus…..

HUgo Shwyzer claims you need to let her ‘peg’ you:

There was clearly no bloodstream whenever I lost my virginity. and though I happened to be somewhat insecure, it absolutely was not really much that I would have now been happy to do anything somebody said.

Additionally, you can possess some familiarity with intercourse before having had it. Virgins don’t live in a cleaner by which no body talks or writes about intercourse.

agree mam, gone angry to describe her everything, dont know how will dsicover in a position to be strong

I’m presently dating a virgin.. She’s my second virgin flag. The time that is first isn’t enjoyable, with both of them we struggled to keep hard.. I’m still seeing this 1 that is a solid 8, we’ve banged probably 7-8 times and its particular needs to get damn good. Sweet feeling comprehending that nobody else happens to be here prior to.

When you haven’t taken a girls virginity before, while the topic pops up in convo by having a virgin. Exactly What should you say? Lie? you make it fake it till?

Why any man would like to be very first thing the infant chick views after it breaks from it’s egg shell (momma!) is beyond me personally. Then you definitely’ve got this infant chick after you around yelling momma for days at a time, until such time you need to be a asshole to regain some satisfaction.

I believe we understand I’ve done at the very least 8, all in my own more youthful days. No bloodstream ever. Many American girls don’t have hymens. Most likely destroyed them at school athletics. Four regarding the girls never ever achieved it beside me but when additionally the other 4 became my girlfriends.

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