Boxing: Conor McGregor vs Luke Keeler Odds


It seems that UFC superstar Conor”Notorious” McGregor could be back in action again for very first time because UFC 229 last October, however, it may be a return to the boxing ring rather than the Octagon. His opponent you ask? Manny Pacquaio? Canelo Alvarez? Paulie Malignaggi? Luke Keeler, wait ? Boxer Luke Keeler contested his fellow countryman and took a shot McGregor on social websites regarding a bar episode in mid-August.
Online sportsbook BetOnline has set two lines concerning this spat on if the fight will even take place in 2019 with”Yes” arriving in at +450 and also”No” coming back in -700. Additionally, a line at the event that this struggle does occur and that has Keeler as a -225 favored with McGregor.
McGregor finds himself. The Ireland native has a background of slip-ups recently as he had been detained for hurling a dolly at a UFC bus before UFC 223 in April of 2018 and has been ordered five days of community support and also needed to perform anger management classes. Fast forward to March of the winner and also this year was in trouble for smashing it and allegedly taking the phone of a man. Charges and the lawsuit were dismissed.
Now, a movie was released in mid-August of this season of McGregor getting in an altercation with an elderly guy at a bar following a dispute over a few whiskey, it seems, along with the UFC fighter threw a left punch that struck the guy in the face. Fighter Luke Keeler who claims that McGregor did exactly the same issue to some buddy of the years ago and issued a challenge game. The two exchanged words and consented to a bout.
I am torn with this. This is another opportunity for McGregor to invest following some heat from the ring, make some money and when he won, a legitimate boxing game, it could wake up rumors of battling Manny Pacquiao or some Floyd Mayweather rematch. With Zuffa Boxing getting set to debut soon which UFC president , Dana White will runs, that would be a enormous event for their very first show which would get loads of sign-ups and eyes .
On the reverse side, White might not desire his own prized possession to get to the general populace and risk that would be the reduction in the past four conflicts of McGregor and straight in boxing. Using a loss to Keeler, the Mayweather rematch or some other big-money boxing match with McGregor would probably be dashed.
I personally think that this struggle would take place behind closed doors at the house gym to settle this beef of Keeler. Very Comparable to this McGregor-Malignaggi feud leading upward the May-Mac struggle in 2017. Now, fellow Truth Shark contributors Iain MacMillan and Joe Osborne believe on cashing in with this bout that individuals wouldn’t pass , I feel that the risk may outweigh the benefit.
One of the biggest reasons that has price McGregor victories before is an aspect of the game, that his conditioning that he asserts he is always working . Notorious did a uppercut to land on Mayweather, a defensive wizard in the ring but it changed the undefeated boxer. It begs the issue of does he have the punching power to the degree of fighters that train on punching rather than worrying about clinches cries and grappling.
Meanwhile, the Keeler has steadily risen the middleweight (160 pounds ) division and will be the fourth-ranked fighter at the WBO middleweight rankings and can be top-ranked middleweight in Ireland. He is unbeaten in his last eight fights because his loss to Tom Doran in April of 2016, the man he’s lost to because he dropped to Doran as well. Keeler can keep a rate for the period of a bout and is very aggressive.
McGregor is a little unconventional and punches does throw from strange angles that catch the more conventional boxing fashion off guard. In addition, he does a good job in countering which he should have lots of opportunities to perform from a fighter such as Keeler. That being said, Keeler has conditioning and might drag McGregor into deep seas and??put him apart. I believe ultimately within this bout with McGregor winning the remainder of the match closing out a determination would be scored by Keeler.
Here’s a look at the chances of this bout:
Curious at August 22??at BetOnline
Curious at BetOnline at August 22

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