I have been with this website Since they changed over from bodog and was a customer since 2004. Let me get to the stage. Yesterday evening I go 5-0 live bets in NBA. This is not the first time I wagered live in NBA but it’s going to be the final. I struck them for $2500 total over the 5 wagers as well as my disgust this morning I log into to check any line motion and notice my accounts is short $2500. I check my bet history and all bets which were posted winners last night are now saying”outcome canceled”. So I provide bovada a call and ask wtf is happening. The lady said that they canceled those wagers all based on the fact of a lineup discrepancy. I have lost several times on live gambling (more than I have won) and did they ever credit my accounts on a lineup discrepancy??? Of course not. They set if you win they can opt to cancel the bet they provided with the line. My own wagers were admitted by them, and submitted them following the games wins. Even credited my account with the funds. This is just wrong on so many levels and today I must cancel my account with this corrupt website. Their lines and juice are dreadful anyways, I just like to line store while searching for a match. I have a bookmaker accounts which has never screwed me over. Bovada is a hack gaming website and dissuade anyone from using them so be cautious if you are.

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