Bridges to Russia: Heritage and Personal Studies


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The STARTALK Student Program, ‘Bridges to Russia: society and Social Sciences’ aims to sign up 20 senior high school Russian heritage pupils (14-18) in a four-week intensive language program conference five hours every single day for an overall total of 100 instructional hours. Pupils increases their proficiency in Russian by examining exactly just just how history along with other sciences that are social them to comprehend the entire world around them. The students will be able to work closely with a elderly Russian-speaking community user and conduct a job interview, that they will show in course. All interviews is going to be gathered and changed into ‘Bridging the Generations’ task that’ll be posted when you look at the community newsprint as well as on the program’s web site.

Program Objectives:

Bridge 1: Language

  • Raise your bilingual prospective by enhancing your speaking, reading and writing proficiency in Russian
  • Figure out how to conduct interviews
  • Gain experience with utilizing Russian in formal contexts

Bridge 2: Tradition

  • Gain a significantly better comprehension of the 20th-century reputation for the Soviet Union in addition to Russian Federation

Bridge 3: Generations

  • Find out about the generation which has resided more often than not into the Soviet Union: the generation that has been created before WWII, survived the Nazi occupation associated with Soviet Union, rebuilt the united states following the war and emigrated through the USSR at a senior years
  • Provide community service that is valuable
  • Help close the generational space in Russian-speaking community

Bridge 4: Today’s Russia

  • Find out about the everyday lives of teens in Russia
  • Interview prominent intellectuals that are russian


Whenever: June 24 – July 19, Monday – Friday 9am-3pm

Where: Harvard University

Whom: Russian history learners ages 14-18

Exactly Just What:

  • Intensive language that is content-based with a give attention to social studies and Russian reputation for the XX century
  • Learn of contemporary culture that is russian
  • Pupils will require AAPPL, WPT (Writing Proficiency Test), OPIc (Oral Proficiency Interview computer-based) ACTFL edorsed
  • Registration fee – $100
  • This system is totally free (and it is non-residential)

Latest News

I must say I enjoyed exactly exactly just how Russian and history that is soviet social studies associated with modern Russian tradition and long-standing traditions. Having lecturers additionally helped notify me personally more info on the shows and values of Russian/Soviet history and customs. Interviewing folks from previous generations that lived through significant events ever sold has also been a significant experience, when I discovered exactly just just what life ended up being like during those times from the perspective that is first-person. This program promoted collaboration among a diverse number of pupils, which created for a learning experience that is successful.

Felix Malamud (alumnus 2016)

I happened to be delighted that my child surely could go to the StarTalk summer system at Harvard college. Not merely it did it expose her to a much much deeper reference to Russian language, tradition and history, but additionally permitted my child to create enduring friendships with young ones near to her age that is own with passions, and talking Russian at a university level, a lot more than she will get from time to day conversation in the home. She was wanting to get every day and enjoyed it greatly. She labored on a particular task discovering Marc Chagall and had the initial possibility to see their works during the Harvard vault that aren’t open to average man or woman. I think that my child arrived on the scene richer in knowledge, language and tradition publicity and friendships — it had been a priceless experience for her.

Alexandra Ruban (moms and dad of alumna 2017)

Для меня программа STARTALK была чудесным опытом. Благодаря этой программе я познакомилась с людьми, которые, как и я, американцы первого покаления. В результате этого знакомства у меня появилось много хороших друзей, чьи семьи тоже прошли иммиграцию. Я до сих пор поддерживаю с ними связь. Кроме того, я провела один месяц на кампусе Гарварда. В Гарвард идут учиться самые умные люди со всего мира. И конечно те знания, которые я получила от прекрасных учителей STARTALKa, помогают мне понять истоки моей культуры, семьи и меня сaмой глубже. Я очень рекоммендую эту всем that is программу.

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